Our Expertise

Navigating complex challenges

We are experts in solving complex communications challenges for our clients. From defining your purpose in the world, to helping you navigate change and establish a market position, we have the expertise to help you unlock your potential, meet today’s demands, and mitigate risk.

We can help with…
Building A Thought Leadership Position
Thought leadership only works if you cultivate it. Being a ‘thought leader’ is not something you can claim yourself, but it is given to you by your target audience – it is earned. We help you earn, and maintain, status as a thought leader among your target stakeholders.
Startup Growth & Development
Getting in front of investors, preparing for a funding round, and growing a company is challenging. We work with startups and scaleups of all shapes and sizes, and build communications programmes that help you grow your brand.
Defining Purpose & Corporate Story
Defining why you exist and why you matter in the world is now central to business strategy. We help you understand, identify, and communicate how you create impact on the world around you.
Business Transformation & Change Management
Businesses are constantly navigating change in an increasingly complex, global, and uncertain world. Whether it’s expansion, recovery, or repositioning, we help clients deliver on changing and complex business goals.
Social Impact, Citizenship & Sustainability
We help brands take a stance on issues that matter most. Whether is DE&I or ESG, we help you communicate transparently on steps you are taking to be a force for good in the world. However, words are not enough, this needs to be matched with action and commitment.
Building Market Growth & Differentiation
Many brands today look alike. Setting yourself apart and standing out in a crowd isn’t easy. We design communications programmes that help businesses grow their share of voice and differentiate themselves from the competition.
CEO & Executive Communications
CEOs and executives are often the face of a brand. We work with leadership teams to establish and grow a platform for your company’s executives through an integrated and creative mix of communications techniques, whether it is using media, social, or other channels.
Managing Crisis, Issues & Reputation
When a crisis or issue hits, managing and protecting the reputation of your brand matters. We work with you to identify and to react to issues before they hit the headlines, ensuring confidence in your brand remains intact. But when crisis hits, we are there by your side.
Employee Engagement & Experience
Your employees are your biggest asset, and the battle for talent is one of the biggest organisational challenges. We work with you to build communication programmes that help shift employee behaviour, align on corporate purpose, and help drive business objectives.