Geothermal Engineering Limited
Launching and leading the geothermal power narrative in the UK

About the project


To launch the UK’s first deep geothermal power plant, educate local and national audiences on the potential of geothermal for the UK, and help to inspire investment and government support for future geothermal initiatives.


We worked directly with the Managing Director to develop an outreach strategy that would maximise key moments in the development of the UK’s first deep geothermal power plant in Cornwall, using it as the showcase for the potential of geothermal energy in the UK.

At each stage of the story development, we developed messaging that differentiated what GEL has achieved.

We used an exclusive sell in strategy to maximise coverage with one focal national outlet each time, selecting the best outlet depending on the commercial objective at that time. We worked with the team to plan broadcast outreach at moments of most visual impact and have organised in-depth briefings with key trade journalists to increase their knowledge in this important area of engineering and energy production.

We prioritised working closely with local media, aways being open to questions, proactively volunteering information and being as communicative and transparent as possible.  This was been critical to the success of our community engagement around the current and future sites.


We secured dedicated articles secured in every UK national and tabloids to ensure broad international reach with our story. We built relationships as a key ’go to’ geothermal commentator across the FT, Telegraph, Times and Guardian and secured a 1000-word byline in the Financial Times.

Our approach also achieved coverage across all the main UK broadcast outlets including BBC National Television News and Radio 4 Today Programme, as well as coverage across top tier publications such as Wired and the New Scientist. Alongside the national campaign, we achieved widespread coverage across trade and local Cornish news outlets.

200 +
pieces of coverage
pieces of national coverage, including The Financial Times, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, BBC News, ITV News, The Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Daily Express, CNBC, NBC + many more
Local community engagement
alongside the national campaign, we achieved widespread coverage across trade and local Cornish news outlets