Rethinking Travel

About the project


As part of a wider relationship with the technology leader, Fire on the Hill was hired to assess how to continue communication and to have an open dialogue with the industry during Covid-19, when travel had come to a halt.

Continued market uncertainty, a collapse in traveller confidence and inconsistent government restrictions all added complexity to the brief, while the collapse of many travel brands added further confusion.​

With poor visibility on the pathway to recovery, and how the pandemic would unfold, we were challenged to present a consistent narrative across a number of markets.​


In partnership with the Amadeus global communications team, Fire on the Hill sought to develop a flexible framework, to accommodate a rapidly changing situation, which offered support and reassurance to the industry.​

The initiative sought to focus on the issues that Amadeus believed were shaping industry debate and conversation, with a focus on renewal and recovery.​

While there was a measure of uncertainty throughout the pandemic period, Fire on the Hill sought to add depth and structure to Amadeus’ communications.​


Fire on the Hill developed a three-phase communications framework to support and lead the recovery of the travel sector, beginning with the Rethink Travel (to stimulate conversation and discussion) initiative in mid-2020.​

This was followed by Rebuild Travel (to shine a spotlight on best practice examples of how to restore traveller confidence through initiatives such as Safe Travel and a focus on biometrics). This began in mid-2021.​

Finally, Renew Travel, which launched in spring of 2022, sought to focus on optimism and resilience about how the industry could become more personal, traveller-centric, and sustainable.

The framework informed a range of programmes, including traveller sentiment surveys, customer webinars, and media relations campaigns, as well as social and digital initiatives.

100 +
pieces of coverage, with headline coverage in The Times, The Daily Telegraph and Forbes
130 k+
visits to the Amadeus website and over 1.5 million impressions on social media
New Customers
Amadeus’s commercial teams were able to successfully sign on a number of customers on the back of presenting the different elements of the content and data analytics published as part of the campaign