About Us

Challenging the status quo

Fire on the Hill is a progressive strategy and communications consultancy with offices in London and New York, which works with large global organisations to disruptive startups. However, what all our clients share is a desire to do things differently, challenge the status quo, and build a better world.

Our purpose is simple…

…to unleash the potential of some of the most interesting organisations by enabling them to develop and tell their story, and reach the people that matter.

Today’s world requires us to navigate complex issues and win the big arguments, and we work with those companies who are doing just that.

Our point of view

Today’s world is defined by increasingly complex challenges. But with every challenge comes an abundance of opportunity.

There is an appetite for organisations that can make a difference to society and people’s lives.

Whether it is through advanced technology, green innovation, cultural change or more, we need to create and tell the stories that change minds and provoke action.

That is what good communications can do.

Our values

  • Be creative – Create time and space for ideas
  • Be yourself – Embrace your own sense of purpose and have fun
  • Be accountable – Take ownership and responsibility
  • Be inquisitive – Question everything and assume nothing
  • Be brave – Have a voice and try new things
  • Be present – Focus on the job in hand and realise your value
  • Be prepared – Be ready and plan ahead
  • Be proud – Celebrate both wins, both big and small

Our people

We believe it is people that provide the 'X' ingredient when it comes to communications. That is why we have a team that is drawn from different backgrounds across communications, media, research, academia, and more. What unites everyone on the team is an innate curiosity and appetite to learn, a global perspective, and an interest in the issues and affairs which are shaping our world.


Chris Clarke


Sarah Mulder


Nick Ward


Liz Alexander


David Clare


Ben Hunt

Consultant Media Trainer & Advisor

Charlotte Wade-Thomas

Senior Communications Strategist

Debra Welch

Office Manager

Chris O’Toole

Head of Content

Andrew Doherty

Media & Campaigns Specialist

Ellie Box

Senior Account Director

Connor O’Keefe

Account Director

Oli Thornton

Senior Account Manager

Rama Samal-McCausland

Account Manager

Anna Houchen

Senior Account Executive

Clementine Croton

Senior Account Executive

Besarta Kruezi

Account Executive

Rosie Ward

Account Executive

New York

Chris Clarke


Niveen Saleh

Associate Director

Jordan Bieber

Strategic Media Consultant

Chris O' Toole

Head of Content

David Sack

Senior Account Executive

Ian Teoh

Senior Account Executive